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    Business To Business

    DataPort provides a very simple approach for your business to integrate with your business partners, sister companies and/or vendors, a comprehensive built-in set of connectors can easily translate XML, JSON or even plain text messages.

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    Business Process
    Management. (BPM)

    DataPort provide web based interface for configuring and modifying the business process, in most case no development is needed.

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    A Cloud Service

    Every business possesses couple of software products to support day to day business activities. These products need to talk to each other for fulfillment of one or more business process...   DataPort addresses that quite elegantly by providing easy ways to manage, integrate, transform, and route the information flowing among those business products.

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    Data, your data can be hosted at our data stores

    Data that you can gather from other services or partner service can be hosted on our reliable data platform, for faster and reliable availability!

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    Identity Management!

    An identity management system on cloud.
    A Simple but elegant solution to all authentication and authorization needs over the cloud!

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    DataPort can be used for batch processing and near real time extraction, transformation and loading of data from one or more sources to one or more target data stores.

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Cloud Service

Our cloud service is state of the art software integration platform that is available on the cloud.
You can configure Queues, Process, Database connections and timed task (process) by using simple web based interface

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Signing up, is very simple, and a very simple way to add user(s) to our services platform. After you sign up your e-mail address is used to connect users to their domains. Each domain can maintain multiple Processes, Queues etc. and all of those are available to all users of that particular domain.

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